Care about your living environment, Influence in the decision making, Enjoy life and Feel great

4V - Välitä, Vaikuta, Viihdy, Voi hyvin - Care, Affect, Enjoy, Flourish

The project developed sustainable, attractive, responsible and participative urban living. The aim of the project was to promote an environmentally friendly way of life and community solidarity, and to provide the residents more opportunities to influence in the residential areas of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

The project focused on the districts and neighbouring areas of Leppävaara, Kirkkojärvi and Suvela in Espoo, Mellunkylä, Roihuvuori and Herttoniemi in Helsinki, and Korso and Länsimäki in Vantaa. The project supported the residents' participation in activities to improve their living environment and the promotion of education for sustainable development in schools and day-care centres. As part of the project, models for sustainable urban living and community solidarity were developed in cooperation with the rented houses owned by the city.


The project workers cooperated with the residents, organisations, rented houses, schools and day-care centres in the pilot areas. The starting point for the activities was the needs of residents and other local actors. The 4V project provided support, for example, to organise events and happenings. Together with the residents and actors in the area, the project created ideas for a better, more confortable and sustainable living. An important part of the project was also to test and develop different methods that build community spirit and that are environmentally sustainable. The 4V project also prepared guidebooks and other publications that support participation, community solidarity and a sustainable lifestyle.

Education for sustainable development

The 4V project's environmental educators supported educational work on sustainable development in schools and other educational institutions, day-care centres, youth houses, playgrounds, clubs and associations. The 4V project organised courses and meetings for those who work with children and youngsters and we offered consulting and counselling as desired. One of the main objective for the environmental educators was to create a Sustainable development program guide to schools and kindergartens together with many local schools, kindergartens and other actors in the field of education. It is a practical guide that descibes a step by step model to create a sustainable development program in schools and kindergartens.

Public housing cooperatives

The 4V project and the partner rental housing companies created usable models for the promotion of community solidarity and sustainable living. Together they also shared good experiences among the residents and the employees of the rental housing companies and disseminated information on good practices to other interest groups. One main objective in the 4V project was to create a Toolkit for sustainable living. It is a practical programme by which residents and housing companies can promote sustainable living. The aim of the programme is to provide tools for sustainable urban living and community solidarity.

Materials in English:

  • Brochure ()
  • Program for Sustainable Development as a Framework for Eco-efficient Schools and Kindergartens () (size 7.6 MB)
  • Tips for residents (pdf) (size 2.2 MB)
  • Tips for sustainable living (), printable tips (pdf) (size 5.4 MB)
  • A survey on open common premises and outdoor recreation areas 2009, qualitative and quantitative residential area study, summary ()

Materials in other languages: 

  • Tips for residents in Arabic (pdf) (size 2.9 MB)
  • Tips for residents in Somali (pdf) (size 2.2 MB)
  • Tips for residents in Soranî (pdf) (size 2.9 MB)
  • Tips for residents in Russian (pdf) (size 2.3 MB)
  • Materials in Swedish can be found here

4V is a joint project of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre and the Cities of Espoo, Helsinki and Vantaa. The project lasted three years (2008-2011) and received funds from the Uusimaa Regional Council and the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) Programme, which is financed by the EU, and supports competitiveness and employment in Southern Finland.

For feedback and other project-related mail you can find contact information here. The e-mail addresses are in the form firstname.surname(at) unless otherwise noted.

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