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Environmental School Polku

Providing activities and experiences for learners of all ages

Invite an environmental educator to your school, daycare or children's event. Visit Polku with your group or take part in training for educators. In the metropolitan area (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen and in Kirkkonummi) the advice service is financed by HSY (Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority).

Polku also provides services for those outside the metropolitan area.

Book an environmental educator for consulting, training, or teaching, or for playing with children. These services are offered either at your own facilities or at our training facilities at Kalasatama in Helsinki.

Environmental advice is offered e.g. in the following subjects: reducing waste, sustainable consumption choices, waste sorting and making operations more ecological.

Environmental School Services

  • Educational programmes for children and teenagers
  • Training for teachers and other adult groups
  • Visit to a landfill and to Reuse Centre
  • Borrowable exhibitions
  • Educational materials
  • Materials and ideas for crafts


Bookable exhibitions

Environmental School Polku has many different kinds of bookable exhibitions concerning sustainable development. These exhibitions have been produced as part of various projects, as well as with Reuse Centre’s own funds.

The exhibitions are available free of charge to schools, daycares and other similar organisations, although we charge a fee for lost or damaged posters or other parts. You must also pay for delivery expenses for exhibitions sent through the mail. Alternatively, you can pick up the exhibitions from the office of Polku at Kalasatama.

Puppet show Stuff Puff

Ville the Crow has started to act strangely lately.

Lennu the Flying Squirrel and Kaarlo the Bear are trying to help their friend, but can the answer be found even in Aunt Kerttu’s book?

And how about the audience’s state of health?

Welcome to look for a cure for for an excess of unnecessary goods with us at Environmental School Polku.

Puppet shows for daycares, the first two grades of school and other groups of children are held in Kalasatama in Helsinki. Recommended age 5–8 years. Duration around 45 minutes. Language Finnish or Swedish. The shows are funded by HSY Waste Management, and provided free of charge for all groups of children from Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, and Kirkkonummi.

Read more about our services to schools:
Environmental School of the Reuse Centre (pdf) (1.1 MB)

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