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Handicraft Service Näprä

Crafts materials from Näprä

Our stores stock cheap, ecological craft materials such as buttons, wooden beads, pieces of cloth, ribbons, and assorted sundries. You can find these materials in all our stores.

Reuse Centre welcomes donations of materials and products that companies and households no longer need, but are suitable for handicrafts. Thus, handicraft materials are reused, bringing joy to children and others who need them, without causing more strain on the environment.

We provide craft materials to educators and other non-commercial uses for free as part of the Näprä wholesale at our Nihtisilta department store in Espoo. We accept donations from companies in the form of various crafts-related materials.

Book our inspiring workshop on craft materials for work communities or other groups.

In our creative workshops, you can make presents, jewellery, packages, and other objects, or sew – with the help of one of our experts – bags, clothes, and accessories.

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