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Kohtonn29Among other things, Reuse Centre promotes reuse and encourages sustainable everyday choices through various projects of environmental education and development.

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Added value through projects

More information about the projects is available on our Finnish website (Hankkeet-pages).

On-going projects

Some previous projects

COBWEB - Communicating the Baltic, 2009-2011

The project strengthens the connection between the sources and users of environmental knowledge. The project is creating models of national and cross-border cooperation in environmental education between universities, environmental and nature schools and museums in the Central Baltic region. Co-financed by ERDF Fund through the Central Baltic Interreg IVA programme.
COBWEB - Summary in English (pdf) (90.7 KB)
Environmental Education Magazine 1/2011 (pdf) (3.3 MB)

4V - Välitä, Vaikuta, Viihdy, Voi hyvin, 2008-2011

4V-project in English
(Care, Affect, Enjoy, Feel good)
The project develops sustainable, attractive, responsible and participative urban living. The aim of the project is to promote an environmentally friendly way of life and community solidarity, and to provide the residents more opportunities to influence in the residential areas of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.
A joint project of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kierrätyskeskus that recieves funds from the Uusimaa Regional Council and the ERDF programme (European Regional Development Fund).

Selvitys järjestöjen ympäristötyöstä, 2009

Research on environmental work in Finnish organisations not directly involved with environmental issues. Supported by the Finnish Ministry on Environment.
Selvitys järjestöjen ympäristötyöstä - Report in Finnish (pdf) (2.4 MB)

Luonnos ympäristökasvatuskäsitteiden määritelmiksi, 2008

Determining the definitions of environmental education. Supported by the Finnish Ministry of Environment.
Luonnos ympäristökasvatuskäsitteiden määritelmiksi - Report in Finnish (pdf) (1.9 MB)

Uusi Elämä - Uus Elu - New Life, 2005-2008

The project targeted on reducing consumption of natural resources by promoting reuse and ideas of sufficiency. A vast number of materials were produced as well as seminars and exhibitions organised in Finland and Estonia. Project recieved funding from EU's Southern Finland and Estonian Interreg IIIA -program. In Finland the project was targeted mainly to the Uudenmaa, Varsinais-Suomi and Kymenlaakso areas.
Uusi Elämä - Uus Elu - New life, summary in English (pdf) (2.8 MB)

Ekoarki, Ekoarki Vantaalla 2003-2006

Two projects that were a part of EU's Urban II -program, realised together with the Finnish Environmental Education Association. Focus was to promote environmental awareness, solutions and life management skills by giving information on eco-lifestyle, support for environmental education and opportunities for action.
Ekoarki project 2003-2005, summary in English (pdf) (109.9 KB)
Ekoarki 2003-2005 (in Finnish) (pdf) (15 MB)

Pienten koululaisten iltapäivätoiminnan kehittäminen, 2002-2003

Creating materials for after school clubs. The first versions of Lennu-clubs were developed. A part of Helsinki city's projet in the Eu's Urban II -program.

Ympäristökasvatuksen yhteistyöhanke, 2004-2005

Reuse centre participated in a project coordinated by the University of Turku. The project organised teacher exchange and study trips for nature and environmental school teachers in Southern Finland and Estonia and an international seminar on environmental education.

BSR Eagle, 2004-2007

Reuse Centre participated in an Interreg IIIB -project coordinated by the centre of Extension Studies of the University of Turku. The aim was to support the cooperation of nature and environmental centres and develop new methods. Almost 50 partners from 10 different countries took part in the project.

Phare -project Taaskasutuskeskused, 2004-2005

The Finnish Association of the Recycling Centres participated in a "Recycling Centres" project run by Estonian NGO's that aimed in further developing the recycling centre activities in Estonia. Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre was the coordinator in Finland.
The project tried to influence the formation of a cross-border network of the reuse/recycling centres by visits and mini-seminars. Also workshop and environmental educations activities were developed.

Meri minussa - meri minus

Reuse centre participated in this project coordinated by Helsinki Environment Centre, where information about the Baltic Sea was  distributed to boat passengers on both sides of the Gulf of Finland.

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