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Training Service Tuuma

Providing new energy for environmental activities!

Tuuma provides tools for environmental work and activities for companies and associations. Our training schemes inspire participants to think, to motivate and to act, and they help create a favourable atmosphere for environmental activities.  

We also offer training in English.

Tuuma can help you get your environmental strategy in shape by improving your personnel’s skills and motivation. Tuuma helps improve environmental know-how related to practical working life through purpose-built training.

Tuuma offers interactional, motivating environmental training

For companies and associations

Through trained personnel, a company can transform its environmental responsibility commitments into action and into valuable capital. Through effective and practical training programs, Tuuma helps build environmental know-how among personnel working with housing companies of all sizes.

For real estate professionals

Skilled professionals can transform a housing company’s environmental goals into concrete action and valuable savings. Tuuma, through effective and practical training programs, helps build environmental know-how for personnel working with housing companies of all sizes.

For organizers of events

Tuuma helps to sort out waste management for events and train sorting advisors. We map out the most significant environmental effects of an event, and help you put together an environmental program to mitigate the strain the event will put on the environment.

Activity spots for events and theme days

Tuuma also provides activity spots for events and theme days, helping personnel and stakeholders experience the joy of learning through doing things themselves and making discoveries. The purpose of these activity spots is to raise people’s interest in the environment and to motivate them to act.

  • Sorting out waste in practice – what goes where
  • The Simshop virtual store – the environmental effects of our shopping
  • Exhibition of lamp models – what will replace the light bulb?

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tuuma@kierratyskeskus.fi / 0400 348 115 

Free environmental adviceHSY

Reuse Centre offers free environmental advice for adult, child and student groups, as well as educators. In the metropolitan area (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi) the advice service is financed by HSY (Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority).

Contact us directly and enquire for more information!   

koulutus@kierratyskeskus.fi / p. 0400 348 100

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