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Volunteer at the Reuse Centre

Kuva paja mLooking for something meaningful to do? Do you want to do something for the environment or help people? Want to gain new experiences?

Recycle yourself!

Volunteering for Reuse Centre will help us do more for the environment and our community.

What can I do?

You can participate regularly or come and help us occasionally, depending on your own timetables and the activity at hand.

Usually a basic knowledge of Finnish is needed. For example, basic introduction for volunteering and agreeing upon everyday policies will happen in Finnish. However, there are exceptions. As an English volunteer you can:

  • help out at Handicraft Service Näprä. At Näprä volunteers work with recycled materials that will be put forward to reuse as handycraft materials. This will enable reusing items that otherwise would have been thrown away. Näprä is located at Nihtisilta’s department store.
  • help out at Reuse Centre’s events. Volunteers can for example help out in serving or guide arts and crafts for children. Our various events take place around the Helsinki metropolitan area from time to time.

If you speak Finnish:

If you speak Finnish, you are suited for most of our volunteering activities. The activities for which we need volunteers vary. But in general you can...

  • Volunteer in the stores and in the sorting centre. This will help us to recycle even more things!
  • Support our environmental education and help us increase environmental awareness.
  • Do handicrafts, or other things related to handiwork that will enable reusing items that otherwise would have been thrown away.
  •  Share your expertise on a particular matter, for instance you can guide our English discussion groups for our employees.
  • Join our events by helping out in various tasks.

You will find announcements for vacant volunteer activities and events at Ajankohtaista vapaaehtoistyössä (in Finnish). If you want to sign up, go to Ilmoittaudu vapaaehtoiseksi (in Finnish).

Language Buddy

If you speak some Finnish, but feel that you need more confidence, you have the possibility to have a Finnish "language buddy”. He or she participates in certain volunteer activities with you for the first few times, introduces the tasks and supports you with the use of the Finnish language, with a little help from English. A practical way to learn more!

See also:

Guidelines for volunteers (pdf) (2.5 MB)

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information!

Heli Uusitalo
050 501 4879

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